10 Facebook Content Tactics by Belgian brands

We are constantly bombarded with tips on how to create engaging content for brands on Facebook. And everywhere we look we read advice on how big brands can succeed in gaining more loyal fans. Without a doubt some of these formulas work well, but have you ever noticed how most examples always use love brands, global brands or sexy brands? I, for one, have never read a case about a local cleaning service’s Facebook content strategy… I’m not saying that Coca Cola’s content manager’s life is easy, but all these articles on killer content recipes made me wonder: how are Belgian brands doing?

I selected 10 Facebook content tactics used by 10 different Belgian brands and named them after famous movies and books. Inspiration is everywhere. ūüėČ

As you will see, I considered local brands as well as Belgian versions of global brands, some love brands and even “touchy” brands.

  1. Knight and day / Play with words. Some people claim irony will save the world. I do not know if this is true, but I am pretty sure it could save your Facebook page. Why? People will always appreciate a reason to laugh, even (or especially) in difficult situations. The Facebook page by L’Avenir shares updates on “just” news, but their community manager often introduces them with a smart pun. I think it’s a great example of how to turn “not so sexy” topics into funny ones.Screen-Shot-2014-04-10-at-16.04.43
  2. Gone with the wind / Follow the seasons. Think of EXKI, and you’ll think of natural and fresh food: their menu is authentic and based on seasonal produce. It comes as no surprise that every month their Facebook cover picture displays seasonal fruits and vegetables. The high quality of these images, combined with the exquisite presentation of the produce and dishes complete the experience.Screen-Shot-2014-04-03-at-16.44.31
  3. Sense and sensibility / Exploit the awareness of your main target. Young people are considered more likely to feel involved in green campaigns. Durex Belgium used climate change awareness to their advantage with the real-time marketing campaign #TurnOfftoTurnOn. The campaign was linked to Earth Hour, when on the last Saturday of March millions of people turn off their lights at 8.30pm local time. This year, Durex took the opportunity to suggest activities needing no energy.Screen-Shot-2014-04-10-at-16.45.08
  4. Talk to her / Respond to everyone, always. It is not that easy for a brand like STIB/MIVB to take care of the content and community management on their Facebook page. Regularly, people express their issues with public transport. STIB
    /MIVB does a great job responding to questions and comments, even if they are aggressive. In this case, both sides take some ironic stabs at each other.Screen-Shot-2014-04-10-at-17.02.16
  5. The game / Do you want to play with me. Latins used to say “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Maybe this explains why games usually work well on Facebook. Lotus often engages their community with word games, quizzes and other simple games featuring their products.Screen-Shot-2014-04-10-at-17.07.24
  6. The neverending story / No story? No brand! Every brand has a story to tell, but often they don’t even know it themselves! Storytelling has always been important (ever heard of a man called Jesus?), and even today stories can make a big difference in engaging your clients. Oasis created a true fruit saga with well-designed characters, each with its own personality. These characters allow the brand to create fun scenarios and use fruity puns to connect with consumers.Screen-Shot-2014-04-11-at-11.00.53
  7. The postman always rings twice / Be consistent.¬†Look at the shop windows of Pierre Marcolini, observe their packaging, visit their Facebook page and website: their branded content conveys beauty and perfection. Well, this is their brand promise… and they keep it! Every brand promises something to consumers and the best brands deliver on that promise in every customer interaction.¬†This is definitely engaging your customers!
  8. My big fat Greek wedding / Capitalise on an event. Big brands love to associate their name with major events, for example with specific campaigns, contests, games, incentives. And the Brazil World Cup is the hot event for 2014! On their Facebook page, Quick Belgium showed their support to the national team during the qualification stages and I guess that they will tap into the World Cup more and more as from next month!
  9. In her shoes / Talk about your fans. Some Facebook pages seem to have forgotten their community. They only sell their product instead of consistently targeting their audience with helpful and/or entertaining content and engaging calls to action. On their Facebook page,¬†Torfs literally puts themselves in the shoes of their main target: women. Women love shoes, have a real passion for them and are also the main purchasers. So why not play with their “addiction” from time to time? This tactic helps brands to be perceived more human and close to people.Screen-Shot-2014-04-11-at-12.34.57
  10. What women want / Give your audience what they need. Ideas, tips, inspiration for a girly city trip, a relaxing weekend, a gorgeous summer look or a low-cost new look. Elle Belgique has definitely found a balance between intrigue and usefulness in their social content. On their Facebook Page, they offer useful content specifically targeted to their community, adding bits of entertainment that make it worthwhile for girls to chat about.

My list is not meant to be exhaustive. It is my personal overview and, as every list, is just a representation of the reality that is (happily) always more complex. Feel free to comment or add some other tactics or cases. I would be thrilled to continue the conversation, online as well as offline!