What you think you know about Instagram: true or false?

It feels like yesterday that we heard the news about Instagram reaching a higher amount of members than Twitter. When others asked us why we weren’t surprised this had happened, we responded that we discovered our love for Instagam a long time ago. It’s fun, fast, visual and interactive. What’s not to love?

With the number of members increasing and brands looking for a slice of the pie, there is an urgent need to explain whether what people know about Instagram is fact or fiction. Let us guide you through 8 quotes. All examples come from our #happyclient Rob The Gourmet’s Market. Among other digital projects for them, we established their presence on Instagram in November and gained more than 200 followers!

1. “You should focus on quality not quantity”

FACT. This one seems obvious, but we see violations of this rule every day. In fact, it’s quite easy: if we had to choose between a profile with 10 quality pictures or a profile with 100 bland posts, we would definitely choose the first one.


In case you didn’t know, Rob The Gourmets’ Market is a grocery shop with unique quality products, an image that needs to be noticed online. Never forget that your Instagram also influences your brand image!

2. “You cannot add links on Instagram”

. Next to adding an online address as the location of your picture, it’s also a good idea to include the same link in your bio. If you want to add a link to your caption, make sure it’s easy to remember since it won’t be clickable. For Rob, we insert a link to the website as much as possible.

3. “Hashtags are your best friends on Instagram”

FACT. Whether you love or hate #hashtags, you need to use them on Instagram or your post won’t be noticed. Start by making a list of hashtags that are very popular in your target group. If you don’t know which ones to use, try using Tags For Likes.

Since Rob is a grocery store and the target group are food lovers, the chosen hashtags are related to food and can be: #instafood, #foodcolour and #foodart. All of our copy is in English, but we also use hashtags in French and Dutch to amplify the belgian character of the shop. Hashtags such as #chicons and #witloof are more easily found by foodloving belgians.

 4. “Nobody tags others in pictures”

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FICTION. Because there are no other brands on Instagram, right? Think again! Tagging other brands stimulates conversation and let’s be honest: it increases the likelihood that you will be tagged too.

Yes, we have proof! Rob has been tagged by their supplier Jus Jus and Rob themselves tagged the brand Marlette in one of their pictures. In order to be able to do this, the other brand or person has to be on Instagram of course.

5. “To gain followers, you need promotion”

FACT. If you want to be successful, you need to let people know that they can find you on Instagram. A post on Facebook, a Tweet, a mention in the newsletter, a banner … Make it known to the world!


Rob The Gourmets’ Market promoted their new channel by using various platforms: Facebook, website and newsletter.

6. “Instagram is only for adding filters and not for conversations”


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FICTION. This is a common misbelief, let’s not forget that Instagram is a social channel. And yes, ‘social’ means interaction. Try to spark conversations by liking the pictures of others, follow interesting profiles, searching for specific hashtags …

With Rob, we engage in conversations by liking pictures of food, responding to people who took a picture at the shop and included the location in their picture, thanking people who tagged Rob in a picture …

 7. “You can’t schedule posts on Instagram”

FICTION: Although Instagram was created to instantly share pictures with your friends and the rest of the world, scheduling is possible. This is especially important for brands that want to post a particular picture on a special day and/or time. The tool we recommend to use is Latergram.me. Trust us: it will make your life a whole lot easier!

Did we shatter your beliefs in this blogpost? Probably not, but at least now you know whether what you knew about Instagram was true or false. And don’t worry if you need to rethink everything you thought to know, Instagram isn’t going anywhere!

Next to Instagram, there are of course a lot more online channels which you can use for your brand strategy. Why not try Snapchat or Pinterest? In a previous blogpost we explained how you can use Snapchat for a brand by using Disneyland as an example and another blogpost explains why all travel agencies must be on Pinterest. Make sure to read it!