#VLCMbe, we were present!

What do you get if you fill a room at Proximus with more than fifty(!) community managers and three keynote speakers? A mind-blowingly fun and interesting evening! Signing up for VLCMbe surely was a no-brainer for Kim and me…

On the menu: a presentation on Snapchat, a brief explanation of how social RTBF’s The Voice Belgique really is and #caindetox by Cain Ransbottyn.


Snap, snap, snap… Snapchat!

As you may know, we absolutely love Snapchat. Just like 10 seconds is the maximum amount of time that other people can see your Snap, we will boost your knowledge with 10 takeaways. And psst… For once, taking a screenshot is allowed!

  • The main advantage of Snapchat? It’s instant!
  • When sharing a story with your followers, make sure you always use the same frame. Don’t switch from horizontal to vertical unless you want to make your fans seasick.
  • If you want to use an already registered username, Snapchat will not allow you to claim it. Our advice? Register you username NOW!
  • When it comes down to demographics, Pinterest and Snapchat are pretty much the same: they just don’t like sharing!
  • Not a global brand that can spare millions for digital marketing? Don’t even consider using Snapchat advertising!
  • Add some colour to your fans’ lives by drawing something nice on your pictures.
  • You’ll engage even more with your fan base!
  • Somewhere special? Always check if they have geofilters!
  • Recycle! Save your snaps and share them on other social media channels.
  • If you want to add more text to your snaps, you simply need an iPhone with Notes.
  • Create a document on Notes, press return a few times, copy the blank lines and paste them in the Snapchat text box. Works like a charm!
  • For insiders only: @hetjoch and @nonunsenses still don’t have an iPhone 6.

The social media Voice of the RTBF

Everyone knows The Voice Belgique, but did you also know that they have 2 fulltime Community Managers? A sneak peak into what they do:

  • Interacting with the audience.
  • Creating content for Periscope, which works very well.
  • Brainstorming ideas to use Snapchat next season.
  • Bridge the gape between the audience and the show by implementing live tweets from the viewers.
  • Train each participant in social media.

We heard a lot of great reasons why they are on social media, but the best one is definitely the fact that it allows them to distribute extra content. Although the show is only on air once a week, they make sure the experience doesn’t stop.


And finally it was time for Cain Ransbottyn. Because it would be too time-consuming (not to say: blog-consuming) to write down all of his words, we’ll cherry pick some tweets below.


 Will you be present at the next Community Managers event? Kim and I highly recommend it!