GIFs rule the world

Nowadays, GIFs rule the world (or at least the digital world). They have been a steadily growing force in social content over the last few years… No matter whether you find these moving images downright irritating or you can’t get enough of them, they are here to STAY.

There are roughly distinguish 5 types of GIFs:

  • FUNNY: Putting a smile on people’s face or giving them the ‘lolz’ is pure gold. Humor is and will always be a great way to make social content more engaging to online audiences.


  • INFORMATIVE: GIFs are perfect to tell a short story or highlight a few key points. It’s a simple and smooth way to make content quicker to digest. No wonder GIFs are popular in e-mail marketing: they attract the eye and draw readers in.


  • NOSTALGIA: For any great event in the past, there’s a good chance you’ll find a matching GIF. Isn’t this the most memorable dance in history?


  • YUMMY: Don’t visit a food channel when you’re feeling hungry. Just don’t…


    • CREATIVITY: GIFs are a dynamic way to show off your products, content or whatever! With a pinch of imagination you give your audience that ‘wow-that’s-incredibly-cool’ feeling.



Why do GIFs do the trick? They allow a person, a brand or any post to add an extra dimension to their content. The moving images spice up the message, the movement attracts attention and isn’t that what marketing is all about: attention? Of course you want to be noticed, viewed or heard by your audience. GIFs help you to stand out amidst the competition!

What about you? Do you love or hate GIFs? 

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