How a Tweet changes your life!


I owe my job to a tiny blue bird, tweet tweet! Unbelievably cool, right? Let me share the story of my job hunt…

I remember that great feeling when graduating… I was done, finished, free!

But soon reality kicked in: Real life was only beginning… I was to embark on a career that would last me for the next 40 years. That required a proper strategy: I was only going to apply for the jobs I was really interested in. And so the journey began, with Twitter as my faithful companion on my quest. I temporarily switched my Twitter username to @Lynn-zkt-werk and every now and then I tweeted about the pains and pleasures of job hunting.

I still recall my first job interview: a complete disaster! I was so nervous I began to blush like a tomato. I answered each question with a rambling fit. Incontrollable rattling was not required for the job, so needless to say: I didn’t get it.

The following months, I went on a few other interviews. And believe me, it gets easier with time and practice. I was looking for a job in digital marketing & social media, but sometimes I had the feeling they wanted a young twenty-something with 10 years of experience. I bet they didn’t find many of those.

But then, on a Friday afternoon in October, I received a few Twitter notifications in my inbox. I was slightly annoyed by the amount of e-mails after a tiresome week, but then I saw it: the best tweet of my life!


The 140-character job-offer immediately caught my attention and I e-mailed Olivier straight away. It didn’t take long to get a reply and soon my resume was on its way, together with a link to my blog. On Monday we called to make an appointment, on Wednesday I went over for the job interview and on Thursday I started my first working day!

Come again? Indeed, the very same night of the interview, I received a text message with the great news: “Welcome to our team”. Amazing how fast things can go! One day you’re wondering when you will ever find a job and the next day you have to cancel meetings because you’re at the office.

I’m still in that same office and I love my job as a Content & Community Manager to pieces! I’ve learned a lot over the last months, met great colleagues and even better mentors! I’m still gratefully thinking about that wonderful tweet that changed my life!

By the way, I’m not the only one who found her way to the office through Twitter? A few other colleagues did too! I call it the power of the blue bird.  

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