Shopping Innovation Expo: Top 3 Tweets

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a shopping spree in Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent (or wherever tickles your fancy)? Or maybe you’re more into the wonderful world of web shops? But do we still need to make a distinction between offline & online?

The future of retail is omni-channel. Retailers increasingly provide customers a personalized, consistent and interconnected shopping experience, regardless of the channel or device used.
Say goodbye to separate sales channels, and welcome the integrated experience for the customer. That’s basically what this first edition of the Shopping Innovation Expo was about…

I eagerly set out to discover the ins and outs of this innovative topic and attended a few presentations here and there. As I went along, I did some live tweeting (because that’s part of the job) and I wanted to share my top 3 favourite tweets.


Number 1:

With KBC Mobile you can now sign your transactions with your thumb- or fingerprint.
It’s convenient and safe. Too bad the WiFi threw a spanner in the works when the speaker wanted to demonstrate it to us. Long live technology! I like the idea that you can swipe a pair of killer sneakers into your shopping cart and pay with just one touch!


Number 2: 

Steven Van Bellegehem is a big name in the digital world (and guess what: he’s Belgian!). What did I learn from my fellow countryman? Extreme customer orientation lies in the care for details. Let me ponder that for a moment… When I think about this concept, So Baggy comes to my mind. It is a Belgian – am I being chauvinistic again? – web shop that sells handbags. I remember the big smile on my face when I received a handwritten note from the shop owners with my new stylish workbag. And a bag of yummy crisps in it! They earned points for triggering that smile, but they also answered my tweet in no time when I asked whether the bag could fit a lunchbox as well as a laptop. Every company in the world claims customer service and satisfaction, but some do drive it to the extreme…


Number 3: 

Writing for the web is an art. Writing for a web shop seems to be an even bigger art. There’s one thing to keep in mind: Google loves content as much as I love food. So throw the supplied standard text for your products in the bin and write your own unique content! Another tip: write for your target audience. What’s relevant for your customers when they consider buying a new inflatable swimming pool for their kids? Exactly: safety.



This was my #SIEXPO-experience and in the meanwhile I’ll keep looking around the bazillion web shops the world wide web has in store for me!