WebTomorrow: the battle of digital ideas

Do you know that pumped-up feeling when going to a festival? WebTomorrow is like Tomorrowland, but then for digital lovers: a whole day of digital insights and exciting talks (and great food to go with it)!

While daydreaming with a cup of coffee at Brussels station, I missed my train. Praise the digital lords for Apps, so I found a plan B taking me to Ghent in no time. I even made it in time to grab a croissant, rush to the first presentation and tweet the heck (or should I say: hashtag?) out of this event!

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‘Will marketing become an algorithm?’

In this session, we pondered whether marketing is scientific or rather creativity-based? Ok, I can hear you say that there is a lot of grey between black and white, but what if you’d have to make a choice?

The WebTomorrow crowd chose the science camp. Maybe not such an illogical option, as we’ve been bombarded with hundreds of marketing books and thousands of research theories before we’re allowed anywhere near the marketing sector. However, it’s clear that technology evolves from being an ‘enabler’ to an ‘amplifier’ when it comes to marketing. But without the human creative touch, marketing loses its versatility!

Imagine marketing is all about tech and automatization. Problems are bound to rear their ugly head sooner or later. In come the humans, who are able to take parameters into account that technology doesn’t have a clue about. Creativity is what makes us stand out!


The next big thing

As a social media manager, I’m always on the outlook for short and snappy phrases that make you think (a.k.a. Twitteritis). And I encountered many mind bogglers to share. Liz Smith caught my attention with this quote:


And there I was, contemplating love, future and the universe… (the next big thing?) Incredible how a quote can stir a brain. On the one hand, I am convinced that you have to keep your mind open for new new things when current new things at some stage won’t be very new anymore. But on the other hand: if you don’t let that new platform win your heart, will you ever truly understand it? Will you be able to cherish it and get the most out of it?


Virtually nobody really knows exactly what to expect from VR…

VR-gear is hotter than the new Kendall & Kylie bikini-collection. Why? VR has more depth (ahum) and there’s still a lot to discover (which is not the case with the Kardashians)! All jokes aside: what to expect from VR? Nobody knows ex-act-ly.

Virtual Reality is so cool that you can’t afford to create a bad experience. My tip? Nail it the first time round! Dive into experience marketing and wow your audience. Of course, new things ask for investment and a leap of faith. But if you see what Red Bull did, there’s hope left.


But if you want to become a millionaire, you should write a book on VR storytelling because that is a truly untraveled path! There must be more that we can do with cardboard. Please, show us where to find those hidden opportunities!


No more buts

Could you kill your boss if s/he kills your prodigious idea with these two tiny words: “yes, but”? No more need to wish your manager to the moon with Daan Roosegaarde’s ingenious chair with voice recognition. It gives its occupant an electric shock when it hears these two awful words. The best present for your creative director!



In each case, I think WebTomorrow should invent a few more awards because Daan absolutely deserves a shelve full of awards for the most enthusiastic speech, the most funny laugh and the most ingenious idea!


The most difficult choice

Not all battles at WebTomorrow were digital. There were a number of other vital choices that determined the near future: would you prefer a cup of kick-ass energy or a glass of sparkling joy? :)



WebSeeYouNextYear 😉