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MAKRO Offres Endiablées

Guide customers to the MAKRO stores by using a partnership campaign in a World Cup theme

  • Brand Activation & Campaigns
  • Content & Social media
  • Digital Production
  • Print Management
Let’s work together!

The fruits of partnerships

Data shows us that young audiences are more willing to connect with brands through partnerships. It seems that curated deal boxes are very trending within this customer target group. The background was, given the period, the World Cup Football of course!


Campaign towards partner products

Through a partnership campaign, ran on both online and offline media referring to a custom landing page, consumers were driven to the Makro stores to purchase a specific amount of partner products. On top of that, the chance to win a Makro Party Box filled with partner products.


Positive return on investment

With over 3000 used codes in a short period of time, Makro noticed a substantial boost in the number of visitors and purchases of the partner products. A positive return on investment next to increased awareness and engagement.