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About us

This is what we believe in.

Our purpose is to build trust between brands, retailers and consumers.
Without understanding what others experience, creativity is a pointless task.
We do not strive for awards but for solutions the consumer needs.
Straight talk, listening, understanding and commitment are at our heart.
We tackle projects together with our clients, in a collaborative manner.
We ask why and challenge everything to create added value.
Our flat hierarchy breaks the silos and boosts participative ways of working.
In an ever-changing world in which nothing is fixed, we constantly adapt.
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As part of the Altavia Group, we combine the proximity of a local agency with the strength of an international organisation.

We firmly believe that each member of the team is integral to the success of the company.

Our team

  • Florence Roekens

    Account Director

  • Christine Camus

    Graphic Designer

  • Chloé Nicolas

    Digital Content Creator & Marketer

  • Alyson van der Linden

    Account manager

  • Vanessa Sponar

    Senior Account Manager

  • Veerle Meert

    Account Manager

  • Christelle Deliens

    Account Manager

  • Caroline Nespolo

    Accounting Assistant

  • André de Meurs

    Account Director

  • Véronique de Biolley

    Project Manager

  • Fatima Hammani

    Print Manager

  • Gauthier Plouy

    Project Manager

  • Carine De Schaepdryver

    Production Manager

  • Séverine Misonne

    Web Publisher

  • Joris Luyten

    Creative Copy

  • Thierry Van Renterghem

    Digital Team Lead

  • France Golic

    Account Director

  • Lea Van Houtte

    Graphic designer junior

  • Jean-Yves Claes

    Account Director

  • Pascal Lizin

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Hafsa Smouni

    Account Manager

  • Bernard Lespagne

    Head of Studio

  • Sophie De Plecker

    Creative Director

  • Arnaud Jacquemin

    Graphic Designer

  • Rick Astley


  • Edgar Brutyan

    Digital Project & Marketing Manager

  • Virginie Walravens

    Finance Manager

  • Paul Vreede

    Print Manager

  • Rob de Kruif

    Project Manager

  • Farida Lammari

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Anne Hoang

    Digital Project Manager

  • Emmanuelle Vanhecke

    Graphic Designer

  • Marie Decant

    Art Director

  • Yen Luu

    Graphic Designer

  • Gauthier Mommens

    Head of Print

  • Anouchka de Bonhome

    HR Officer

  • Manuel Gonzales

    Graphic Designer

  • Catherine Gerdom

    Print Manager

  • Mathieu De Jonghe

    Graphic Designer

  • Francesco Maurici


  • Gul Ornek

    Sales Admin

  • Bérengère Ooms

    Account Director

  • Bénédicte Watteau

    Graphic Designer

  • Mai Luu

    Graphic Designer

  • Laetitia Vanderveken

    Account Executive

  • George Abitbol

    The classiest man in the world

  • Carolien Melenhorst

    Print Manager

  • Aline Tcherkezian

    Print Manager

  • Jean-Luc Bodet

    Head of print buying

  • Chedya Larbi

    Graphic Designer

  • Maria Fernandez

    Account Manager

  • Caroline Blavier

    Graphic Designer

  • Stefano Di Felice

    Art Director

The glue between our team members?
Our values.

  • Progress

    A pioneer’s spirit. Changing for the better. Simulating innovation. Willing to stand out and to shine. Challenging every idea and avoiding the easy way out.

  • Enthusiasm

    Adding sense to our tasks and careers. Putting heart and soul to work. Acting pragmatically and passionately. Keeping our eyes open and our minds curious.

  • Fluidity

    Using technology to simplify processes and boost productivity. Striving for more participation. Creating a work environment that oozes interaction.