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  • Simplicity is the new motto

    The Altavia ACT* 2020 Retail Barometer provides a perspective on the shopper experience.
  • Simplifying the purchasing journey 🛒

    Altavia-ACT* was in the same corona boat as other companies. How did we as a communication agency manage the COVID…
  • User centricity wins by knockout 👊

    The 2020 Retail Barometer by Altavia ACT* show us that the corona pandemic has polarised the shopping experience.
  • From storytelling to storydoing 💪

    Faced with challenging situations, consumers are looking for brands who walk the talk, rather than those who just bla bla to...
  • From packaging to eco-packaging 📦

    In a world where the trend is moving rapidly towards zero waste and the sales of bulk food, how can we still justify wrapping...
  • The Emoji Effect 🦋

    Show an emoji of an eggplant or a peach to an older person and a millennial and you’ll probably get different reactions.
  • How to redefine your shopper experience in the era of containment… and beyond?

    As a brand, retailer or agency, how can you react in circumstances where uncertainty is the only constant?
  • The journey to great UX

    We could have written an article looking at the latest trends in UX for 2020 onwards