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Insights from inside Brussels, from design to mid-sized mussels.

  • How to redefine your shopper experience in the era of containment… and beyond?

    As a brand, retailer or agency, how can you react in circumstances where uncertainty is the only constant?
  • The journey to great UX

    We could have written an article looking at the latest trends in UX for 2020 onwards
  • Can the advertising industry help to stop the coronavirus?

    With over 90.000 infections worldwide and counting, coronavirus Covid-19 is spreading fast.
  • No-packaging, a new approach for brands

    Will tomorrow’s packaging be environmentally friendly? Innovative packaging has always had a big influence on consumers.
  • What the… TikTok?

    With so many social media networks to keep track of, it’s not a surprise that the TikTok app leaves you scratching your head.
  • 2019 is a wrap: check out the packaging trends of 2020!

    The packaging teams at Altavia-ACT continue to exploit old trends while exploring new ways to make their designs
  • Upcycling, the new ‘El Dorado’?

    Nowadays customers are, more than ever, sensitive about their ecological footprint.
  • From followers to customers: how social media can help retail

    Social media is not always the last click before purchase, but can definitely help retailers with their objectives