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How to redefine your shopper experience in the era of containment… and beyond?

The 2020 coronavirus crisis has taken the majority of the global economy by surprise. As such, it fully deserves its « Black Swan » designation and it can be deduced that it will have major consequences for our world. As a brand, retailer or agency, how can you react in such circumstances where uncertainty is the only constant?

First things first, cutting investment in communications can be an expensive decision. Many studies show that in addition to the decline in awareness, it delays the post-crisis recovery. Do not stop communicating, instead ask yourself the right questions which will help you to stay customer-obsessed. They will remember you for it.

Concretely, we invite you to ask yourself these 3 questions to reassess your shopper experience:

  1. What are the needs of my clients? COVID-19 will probably not create new trends, but it will accelerate those that were slowly taking place. Hygiene, online ordering, contactless delivery, video calls… Think about the impact of this crisis on the expectations of your audience. Restate your personas… or design new ones.
  2. What is your audience looking for? In a world where promotions and in-store time are limited, what is the unique selling proposition of your brand? Why would they choose you over anyone else?
  3. Where are they active and searching for what they need? What is the impact on online research and keywords that could lead to your product or service, which results appear first on Google? And on Amazon? What about a TikTok or Pinterest strategy?

Post-crisis, it will be necessary to redefine all new shopper expectations by rethinking priorities and leadership from a new perspective. The opportunity to start with a clean sheet will be a great time to rethink how we take care of ourselves, our employees and our clients.

Stay safe & anticipate what's next.