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Welcome to the Vodafone Ziggo shop in Utrecht

Robots may be taking over, but the need for a human staff in a point of sales remains key in answering to all the needs of customers.

Opened in June 2018, this is the first flagship of the merger between Vodafone (telephone) and Ziggo (cable-operator). This fusion aims to sell “triple play”. They want to reduce the number of shops, but rather open up shops with a larger surface to allow themselves to experiment with the POS. Since then, there are 4 flagships in total with brand new technology, like two Pepper robots who were put behind the cash register. It all looks very state of the art, but they seem to slow things down and they don’t respond to customer questions.

The shop itself has a high visibility and looks very beautiful. There are a lot of curved walls and rounded furniture. The walls are covered with LED and fabric screens, diffusing a soft and pleasant light. The animations and colors change all the time. The main entrance gives way to a mobile table presenting a top 10. It’s an interactive table with projectors on the ceiling with clickable texts. However, the content is not very relevant with rather simple animations.


Overall, a good example of a high-tech store, but the need of a human staff still remains relevant to answer to the needs of customers.