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2019 is a wrap: check out the packaging trends of 2020!

The packaging teams at Altavia-ACT continue to exploit old trends while exploring new ways to make their designs stand out from the crowd. From exhibition visits to store checks, everything is done to keep up with the times. As of recently, environmental responsibility is at the heart of our society and packaging has to follow. The adoption of greener materials by companies is a real turning point in the business sectors related to packaging. But what about design? What are the new trends to follow? We’ve got the answers right here!

  1. Less is more - In a time where transparency and honesty are considered to be very important to companies, packaging must follow the same logic. This is why the ‘larger than life’ approach has been replaced by a more minimalistic approach to display a product. In a society with a constant overload of information, the consumer is nowadays looking for clarity and simplicity. That’s why graphic designers are more often adopting sober and refined designs and putting more emphasis on key elements such as color and typography. This technique allows you to reassure the consumer first, to stand out from the competition, while bringing a real impact to the product on the shelves.
  2. The return of vintage - Although one might think the opposite, modernity and the retro trend are not necessarily to be dissociated. It may well be that new packaging is more efficient and original than some others, but it can be wise to go back to the roots to stand out from other brands. Vintage refers to tradition, respect and passion; elements that are still very much alive today from a graphic point of view, through the structures, the attention to detail and a strong and lasting identity. This technique makes it possible to create timeless designs that never lose their appeal!
  3. Soft colors - It is not really true that only bright colors can have an impact on packaging. The trend of the last few years reveals that pastel colors play a key role in the creation of packaging. Graphic designers are more often daring to combine nude, sepia and pastel tones for a subtle play of contrasts. A soft, warm and reassuring final design that attracts the consumer in a natural way. Each year, new territory is just waiting to be explored by our teams of graphic designers. And if these last years have been very rich in progress and new trends, the years to come promise to be even more fruitful!



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