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From packaging to eco-packaging 📦

In a world where the trend is moving rapidly towards zero waste and the sales of bulk food, how can we still justify wrapping our products in cardboard? Discover some clever and surprising examples of brands that have managed to adapt to this new way of consumption!

There is no longer any question these days of thinking about a simple packaging whose sole purpose is to protect our products. It is above all essential to go further in the reflection to limit waste: how can my packaging be stored and reused by my consumer? How can I add added value to my packaging? How can I make it multifunctional? Some companies have already looked into the matter, and there’s not a lack of creativity!

A TV box that furnishes!

This is particularly the case of Samsung, who will offer their customers this year a corrugated cardboard TV packaging which, in two steps and three actions, will transform into a side table, a shelf or even a cat cabin. As soon as the object is unpacked, the consumer can then build and assemble the different sides of the cardboard, and thus create a new piece of furniture that’s 100% recycled using an explanatory QR code.


Instantly unpacked, instantly stored!

In the same spirit, some packaging is also designed to simplify your life while avoiding intermediate steps. This is particularly the case with this packaging of shirts which, once empty, transforms directly into a hanger. An intelligent and meaningful idea, which saves you time while contributing to the “zero waste” policy.


The magic of Disney is no longer only expressed through its many fairy-tale characters, but also through… their packaging! This is the case of the Vaiana doll, for which the brand has created a packaging that allows the child to bring a playful addition to his toy. In fact, the cardboard of the packaging is designed to transform into a boat, thanks to some simple folding and three additional pieces of wood. A lovely DIY project intended to occupy your children and offer them a new perspective, while making them aware of respect for the environment.


By pushing the limits of packaging to those of a completely new object, the eco-packaging market has a bright future ahead. The challenge raised by this new trend is being creative to serve the environment. One of our missions will therefore be to create packaging where "nothing is lost, everything is transformed" for everyone's pleasure!


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