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Chizou is a new player on the Belgian vegan market. It’s an innovative vegan cheese based on cauliflower.

  • Brand Activation & Campaigns
  • Packaging Design
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Brand Awareness
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Chizou is all about sharing the lovefor cheese without the cheese. As a new player in an already relatively overcrowded non-dairy category, we want Chizou to stand out instantly with a fun and accessible design.



Made from mostly cauliflower, we gave the packs a natural look & feel. Thanks to a see-through section, people get a look at thegrated vegan cheese. Using a soft colour palette, we make sure the packs stand out on the refrigerator shelves of supermarkets and trigger people’s interest to look for plantbased alternatives.


The goal of our designs was to make vegan grated cheese as attractive for vegans as for non-vegans. That’s also why we decided to link each flavour to a greedy everyday dish.


The copy on the packaging: “For pizza lovers”, “For pasta lovers”, and “For Tex-Mex lovers” is meant to inspire people to use this alternative for grated cheese. The brand’s fun character, represented by a contemporary illustrative style, tells small entertaining stories at the front of the pack. Putting these stories around the see-through section symbolises the pleasure of sharing food with friends and family.

Chizou is now sold at Delhaize and Colruyt, and last but not least, won gold at the Pentawards international packaging competition in London!